As I’m learning the history of Intel Xeon, I am going to be writing a paper for my tech class and I decided that I wanted to dive a bit further into the computer world. One area that was suggested is that I choose Intel and the desktop processors, but I am not sure exactly what is going to be the best way for me to break it all down.

With the Intel Xeon, I know that is is basically a higher performing version of the popular Intel desktop processors that are usually used inside services and higher end workstations. Being that I am someone who has pretty much always used products from the Mac family, I am hoping to gain some insight as to the history of the Intel Xeon and some of the different applications that it is best used for. Is it true that the Xeon family is one that spans over multiple generations in the Intel world? Are they throwing the kitchen sink approach to appease all users? Is it just microprocessor cores or are there other dual processor systems that should be noted in my writing?

I want to make sure that I really have the best representation of these systems. If there is any information that I can share when I write the paper, I would love to hear about it.